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Georgian Film Studios circa 1928

Who we are

Georgian Film is one of world’s oldest movie studios and has produced 800 full-length, short, and made-for-TV features; 600 documentaries; and 300 animation movies. Having grown organically from the merger of several film production companies that operated in the beginning of the twentieth century in Tbilisi, the studio had been renamed several times before becoming Georgian Film in 1953. During the Soviet period, the studio was one of the most active places for film production in the region. Strategically located on 12.25 hectares (30 acres) of prime land in Tbilisi, Georgian Film Studios offers several sound stages, recording and editing facilities, office space, modern equipment, professional crews and various production services.

Why work with us

Georgia’s surprisingly diverse landscape is rich with filming locations: mountains, deserts, subtropics, seashore; places that look (post) Soviet, Eastern European, Middle Eastern, even Afghanistan-like; numerous old castles (type Svaneti or Tusheti in Google), dramatic views matching those of New Zealand, and easy and inexpensive access to the national parks, subways, train stations, and airports. With a long and deep tradition in cinema, Georgia has English-speaking professional crews and a vast pool of Caucasian and Middle Eastern-looking actors/extras to choose from (The Oscar winner Michel Hazanavicious’ $30 million war drama The Search, in Cannes Film Festival main competition this year, was shot entirely in Georgia, using Georgian Film Studios as the production base). Last but not least, filming in Georgia is dirt cheap.

What else we offer

A Tax Incentives / Rebates scheme will be introduced in 2015. For now, as a state-owned business, we have a mandate to offer governmental guaranties and generous support to foreign film and television productions. Many Georgian production companies and rental houses, along with a partner TV studio with state-of-the-art facilities, operate out of Georgian Film Studios space, which allows us to serve as a production base for mid-size and large productions.

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