Khatuna Khundadze

Khatuna Khundadze, is a Georgian film director from Tbilisi. Having finished her studies in Medicine (specializing as a pediatrician), Khatuna change course and continued her studies in cultural studies in Germany, at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art. She graduated from Stuttgart with a Master of Arts, in sculpture. In Germany, Khatuna studied cultural management and worked as a manager of cultural activities, freelance artist, and exhibition curator. She also established a gallery for non-professional artists. For many years, Khatuna promoted various fields of Georgian culture throughout Europe and prepared reportages for Georgian TV channels.

In late 2012, Khatuna returned to her home country Georgia and became the Deputy Minister of Culture of Georgia. Since 2013, she is in charge of the Department for Promotion of Georgian Culture. Many international projects and new ideas were initiated and implemented with Ms. Khundadze’s support. In parallel to her work in public service, Ms. Khundadze continued her studies at the Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University, in the Faculty of Film Directing, and graduated with honors with a Master of Arts. She continued her studies at the same university in pursuit of a PhD.

Currently, Khatuna Khundadze is the first female director of the oldest film studio in ex-soviet union “Georgian Film” and Deputy Director of the Center of “Georgian Film Development”

ხათუნახუნდაძე, khatunakhundadze